About Us

Team Work Photo Video is the team of likeminded still photographers, Videographers and Editors who are offering good stills and edited video of Weddings at a very affordable rates and using very good equipment like Nikon D800 and Canon 5D mark II with very good optics and High Definition professional Video cameras.

There are many options available as on today for covering weddings but either these are very low budget or very high end (few Lakhs of rupees). We decided to make all this very practical & affordable, at the same time not compromising on quality of the equipment and the experience of the photographers & videographers.

We are offering some "Packages" that start at Rs. 20,000/-for one day and go up to Rs.90,000/-for one day. Many options of having only stills and both Stills + HD Video on two Cameras with edited “short Video”+ full length video are offered in different packages.

The same concept can be applied to the commercial & advertising still photography and there are three possibilities:

  1. Cost saver assignments: @ Rs.7,500/- per shift for small size jpg images. (6”x 9”@ 72 dpi)
  2. Premium assignments: @ Rs.15,000/- per shift for full size jpg images (16”x 24” @ 300dpi)
  3. Super Premium assignments: The rate will depend on the type of assignment & will involve specialized equipment & photographer with special skills.

The above mentioned cost includes assignment fee for shooting, AC studio, conversion to jpg from RAW. Only jpg images will be given at above mentioned rate.

The above mentioned cost does NOT include any designing / retouching / manipulation in any software.

"Teamworkphotovideo" is Mumbai based team of best candid wedding photographer / videographer. We also take commercial assignments / photoshoots in Mumbai, Thane, Maharashtra, all over India.